About the Company

VedMo Fragrances is a manufacturer of very unique Air Fresheners and Concentrated Water Soluble Deodorants. We carefully select top of the line ingredients from the market place and carefully formulate and blend them in order to create natural scents that are long lasting. We currently offer fagrances in 10 oz. spray cans and in 6 oz. metered cans. We also offer several fragrances in concentrated water soluble deodorants in 32 oz bottles.

Wholesale Pricing

Vedmo Fragrances does offer wholesale pricing, with a minimum purchase of one case (1 Case includes 24 cans). For more information, please call us during normal business hours.

Customer Testimonials

"Awesome Product, Great smell, I have been using Watersoluble Deodorant for my Motel rooms."
-- Suresh Patel

"I have been buying Cans and Watersoluble and works great."
-- Jayesh Bhakta

"Great product, It keeps my rooms smell good for longer period of time, I really like product."
-- Jaymin Patel

"Very Economical Product, Just try Once and you will love it."
-- Manish Bhagat

"I bought couple of cans for my house and works great."
-- Bill Roberts

Contact Information

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